The Japan Association of Training Institutions for Certified Care Workers

The Japan Association of Training Institutions for Certified Care Workers

Caregiving Keywords

Caregiving (Nursing)

Caregiving or nursing (elderly care) is a service to support the everyday life of people who, due to aging or declining physical conditions, are not able to meet their own needs.

Caregiving Training Facility

Schools to provide you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to operate as a certified caregiver. In order to acquire the "nursing" residence status, one must attend Japanese caregiving training for at least two years.

"Nursing" Residence Status

Non-Japanese nationals need a work visa to work in Japan. The ""Nursing"" residence status is the visa issued to non-Japanese nationals with caregiving certification, based on contract terms with a caregiving facility. (Enacted on September 1st, 2017)

National Caregiver Certification Examination

Caregiving is the only nursing profession that requires national certification. International students are allowed to acquire the certificate only after graduating from a caregiver training facility (at least 2 years of study). Upon passing the exam, they will receive a certificate that will allow them to continue to work in Japan.

Program for Funds and Loans for Caregivers

This program aims to financially support the training of those who want to work as a certified caregiver in Japan. One person can be granted a loan of 1.6 million yen during a span of 2 years. If they work as caregivers for 5 years after graduation, the loan will be pardoned.